About Mask

1- Classification of respiratory masks

By increasing of airborne pollutants and particulate matter, as well as the spread of infectious diseases such as influenza and corona virus (COVID 19), The use of respiratory masks to prevent these pathogens from entering the airways has become a necessity. Respiratory masks fall into the category of personal protective equipment, which have different types in terms of application and features. The most common of these respiratory masks are medical masks (surgery), N95 and FFP series masks.
Based on the main purpose of using respiratory masks, they can be divided into the following general categories:

- Respiratory Masks used to prevent the spread of contaminants by the user in the environment. Generally, three-layer masks include a stretch and bandage type (known as surgical masks).
- Respiratory Masks used to protect the user from environmental pollutants. Such as N95, FFP2 valve masks.
- Masks that are used to by the user, such as N95, FFP2 masks without valve.