About us

Respinano founded in 2019, is a new brand from FNM Co., a knowledge-based company in Iran that its goals are the development of nanofibers technology, its applications, and delivery of cutting-edge technology and products. Respinano is the producer of nanofiber respirators and masks, which are the production of FNM’s industrial electrospinning machines. These masks are in the class of FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 (BS EN 149:2001), N95 (NIOSH), and Type I, Type II Medical (BS EN 13485) standards. Respinano’s masks are varied in shape and efficiency, and are suitable for medical staffs, workers and ordinary people.
Air pollution and climate change are two complex environmental problems that are both related to the large consumption of fossil fuels. as hard as we try to clean up the environment and reduce our impact on it, this process takes time.
Our mission, especially nowadays during the COVID-19 pandemic, is to provide clean air with no viruses and pollutants for the people, and protection from unwanted smog, emissions, allergens, viruses (especially COVID-19), bacteria, and many more other airborne pollutants that can contribute to illness.
Commercial face masks are usually made of many layers of fibers (μm-size in diameter) and capture PM particles by a combination of physical barriers and adhesion. To achieve a high PM removal efficiency, these face masks need to be thick, hence are often bulky and resistant to airflow (featured by a large pressure drop ΔP across the face mask). Consequently, breathing through these face masks can be uncomfortable or even dangerous for elderly people and people with lung diseases. Nanofibers with a large surface area to volume ratio have shown great potential in filtration applications, including air filtration, dust capture as well as absorbing and detoxifying biological and chemical contaminants, viruses and bacteria during pandemic situations.

Respinano nanofiber masks Features:
• Sufficient protection against many substances including bacteria and viruses
• Provides>99% (BFE) Bacterial Filtration Efficiency
• Offers>95 and 99% (PFE) Particle Filtration Efficiency
• High breathability performance