Nano Respirator i94 Antibacterial valved

Nanofibers with large surface area to volume ratio have shown great potential in filtration applications, including air filtration, dust capture as well as absorbing and detoxifying biological and chemical contaminants. Polymer nanofibers with polar functional groups have strong affinity to particulate matter (PM) pollutants and therefore show high removal efficiency at low pressure drop and high optical transparency. Nanofibers are promising for use in face masks to achieve both high PM capture efficiency and sufficient air permeability. The anti bacterial layer in respiratory mask is very suitable for hospital invironments. The nanofiber layer traps the harmful bacterias and the anti abcterial layer kills these bacterias. As it can be seen in the figure below, the addition of nanofiber and anti abcterial layers increase the efficiency of particle trapping and destroy the harmful bacterias and at the same time allows the air to pass through, which in respiratory masks it is known as breathability.
According to BS EN 149:2001 standard for filtering half masks (also called filtering face pieces). FNM Co. Ltd., can produce different classes of respiratory face masks (FFP1,FFP2,FFP3). FFP2 Anti Bacterial respiratory mask with efficiency of 94% (for 0.3 micron particles) and pressure drop of less than 60 pascal is suitable for Hospitals and mine contaminations, non toxic chemicals.

• Standard: EN149
• Respiratory Class: FFP2
• Efficiency (0.3µm): 94%
• Pressure Drop: <60 Pascal
• Color: Yellow
• Size: 12.5*15.5 cm
• Packaging: Aluminum, One pcs.
• Application: Hospitals and mine contaminations, non-toxic


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