Medical Face Mask, Nano 80

Medical face masks Nano 80 in terms of appearance are similar to surgical masks and in terms of efficiency and pressure drop are similar to FFP2 and N95 masks. These masks contain a nanofiber layer between the layers of their protective spun bond.
According to EN 14683:2019+AC:2019 standard for medical masks, FNM Co. Ltd., can produce different classes of respiratory face masks (type I, type II). Medical face mask nano 80 (type I), with the efficiency of 80% (0.3 micron particles) and pressure drop of less than 20 Pascal is suitable for hospitals and public environment.

• Standard: EN 14683
• Respiratory Class: Type I
• Efficiency (0.3 µm): 80%
• Pressure Drop: <20 Pascal
• Color: White, Blue
• Size: 9.5*17.5 cm
• Packaging: Box 50 pcs.
• Application: Public environment


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